4 Compelling Reasons to Use a Jet Charter for Your Next Vacation

by Brad Fein
Jet Charter

Perhaps you’ve tended to think of jet charters as being a resource for business use only. In fact, anyone can arrange a charter flight. You may even want to give this a try for your next vacation. Here are some of the benefits that a Novajet private jet charter will bring to your trip.

Scheduling the Departure and the Return to Fit Your Schedule

There are times when the schedules for commercial flights are fine. At other times, you end up having to adjust your plans so that they comply with the airline schedule. One of the great things about charter flights is that you get to come up with the time table for your departing and returning flights.

This means there’s no mad dash to the airport in order to catch a flight. You also don’t have to worry about delays that lead to you missing a connecting flight along the way. Charter services tend to fly point to point, with a possible landing along the way to refuel. All you have to do is lock in the time, make your way to the airport, board the flight, and leave the rest in the capable hands of the pilot.

No Waiting in Line

Remember that last commercial flight and how long you had to wait in line to check in? Even getting to a kiosk to complete that process took some time. You also had to get to the departure gate and wait until it was time to board. Do you really want to do that again when it could be avoided?

With a charter flight, you get to travel directly to the jet. Your luggage is stowed at once and you can settle in for the flight. Once the pilot receives clearance, you’ll be on the way. Compare that to waiting in line and then cooling your heels at a gate for a couple of hours.

The Chance to Travel With People That You Know

On a commercial flight, you may or may not be able to sit with those who are coming along for the vacation. It all depends on how the reservations are made and what seats are available. Perhaps you’ll get lucky and find yourself next to someone that you like. On the other hand, you could have to deal with someone who isn’t exactly your idea of a travel companion.

With a charter flight, you and the rest of your party often have the jet to yourselves. People can sit wherever they like and enjoy the time together. That’s a much better way to start off the vacation and will help the time in the air pass a little faster.

Landing Closer to Your Destination

Did you know that charter flights are capable of landing in more airports than many larger commercial flights? In some cases, that means you can fly directly into a smaller airport and land closer to your intended destination. That can save you hours of travel time and make it all the easier to feel rested by the time you do make it to the hotel.

These are only some of the reasons why a jet charter should be part of your vacation planning. Call a charter service today and outline what you have in mind. Once you have a price quote and compare it to the cost of flying commercially, your decision will be an easy one.

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