Why do billionaires go to St Barts?

by Brad Fein

Saint Barthelemy, also known as St Barts, is one of the visited vacation destinations that billionaires and A-list visitors visit. Also, super tycoons and royal families often visit St Bart’s and some even properties. You might be wondering what is peculiar about St Barts that attracts billionaires and the most renowned people in the world. Read and learn St Barts is one of the first choices of A-list celebrities.


St Barts is a safe island that offers several fun and amazing activities. The crime rate in St Bart’s is one of the lowest in the world. Even though St Barts is heavily secured, you need to be careful not to show too much affluence. The locals protect their visitors because they know that’s how they earn revenue.

Sunset, Couple Holding Hands And Walking on beach

Amazing atmosphere

Most of the super-rich have yachts, and what other place to sail than St Barts? Furthermore, there are several beaches that are as clear as crystal. Meanwhile, the rains and sunshine are moderate.

Escape from the public eye

Another reason celebrities and billionaires feel comfortable visiting St Barts is because it offers an escape from the paparazzi and the preying eye of the public. In other words, billionaires feel relaxed because the island is private and almost exclusive for the super-rich.

Real estate

Another thing that makes St Barts interesting is their real estate. You can rent private luxury homes at affordable places. There are several ultra-luxurious private villas and five-star resorts. Aside from that, St Bart’s also has world-class spas, and the ambiance of the city comes to light at night. Also, villa rentals in St Barts are easy. A real estate agency will be helpful for this purpose.

Beautiful beach view


Billionaires always love their privacy during vacations. St. Barts is a safe haven for people to enjoy themselves without being watched by the public. Make plans to visit St Bart this summer,

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