Take a Uganda Safari: As a Way to Recharge and Refresh

by Brad Fein

Africa and wildlife are synonymous. Many people travel thousands of kilometers to see wildlife in Africa. For decades now, people only think of African holidays in terms of wildlife. Indeed even Uganda offers wildlife experiences that will forever take you on a positive memory lane.

Among those who have had the opportunity to visit Uganda mainly for purposes of wildlife adventures; the takeaways have often been about the beautiful landscapes, the hospitable people, the good weather, and the mountain gorillas because they are very rare.

Besides all those, there is another story about Uganda that is rarely told. That is the land that has healed many. To some people, Uganda has been like their second home. They do not come to see the wildlife, they simply love spending time in Uganda because there is something it does to their wellbeing. Of course, these claims are not scientific, but it is worth sparing some time to prove them by yourself.

French Montano a Moroccan-born American Rapper who visited Uganda over six years ago still has a story to tell. Recently in June, he released a documentary about his immigration story that so him growing up in New York. The untold story of Uganda through the lens of French Montano was never about wildlife like many visitors to Uganda would expect.

Of course, there are quite a lot of negative stories regarding the poor life in Uganda. The truth of the matter is we should not deny the existence of such stories. We cannot even downplay them because there are people who have been hurt in Uganda. But amidst those negative stories, many people have had a life that if it wasn’t for their family being elsewhere; they would have chosen Uganda to be their new home.

Things are a beat slow in Uganda. They are not fast-paced because the whole country seems to be on holiday. Of course, this way of life has caused a lot of corruption in the country. People have to afford many things without necessarily putting in the necessary work.

We cannot paint the country with only bright colors. So this is likely to be a story you will not hear for a long time. But Uganda is not perfect. It is only those who have chosen to explore Uganda and embrace the beauty it has to offer that has come to appreciate it as a place like no other. It is the land of freedom for those who choose to take the responsibility of being free and avoid playing the blame game.

Therefore besides the negative stories that might pop up when you try searching about Uganda, here are some of the ways you may recharge and refresh by booking a holiday in Uganda.


Cultural Experience

The majority of the Ugandans are employed in the informal sector. Therefore to experience Uganda’s modern culture more so in urban areas; you ought to visit places that are mainly informal. These will include the markets in Kampala as well as the ghettos.

The country is generally secure. Kidnaps are not a common thing in Uganda. However, do not walk with your expensive phone in these places. Even though chances are high that you can get it if it is very expensive, you do not have to waste your holiday time trying to find a lost phone. Simply visit these places casually so that you load off the burden of being suspicious of everyone.

To some people who opt to go on a Uganda tour, this is all they prefer. They do not want anything to do with wildlife. Exploring the cities and towns is what makes their stay worthwhile.

However, there is more to Uganda’s cultural life. That is exploring communities that are still very strict on their cultural norms. Among these communities include the Baganda (mainly those who live in sacred places), the Banyoro, and the Karamojong among several others. Visiting these communities will give you an idea on the cosmology of Uganda’s kingdoms.

Reconnecting with Nature

Human activities often mess up places to the point that they might look nice on the outside but they cannot give you the inner peace that often comes with relaxing in a natural place. Uganda has a number of places that are popular for tourists but not every place will give you that inner peace.

Places like Ssezibwa Falls are good hangout though it does not have wildlife on display. By the place remaining natural without a lot of human activities affecting the place, it is one of those places that many people have chosen to simply visit and meditate.

Bwindi’s impenetrable national park is another place where you can deeply reconnect with nature. With the help of an armed game ranger, you can go forest bathing in the Bwindi Impenetrable National Park. The nature walks in this forest are also amazing. It is very tempting to have wishes of mainly encountering wildlife instead of merely exploring the forest.

Among the other places for those who wish to reconnect with nature in places with higher temperatures than Kampala; then Murchison Falls National Park, Queen Elizabeth National Park, and Kidepo Valley National Park are much recommended.

Adventure Activities

It often goes without saying that the Rwenzori Mountains are rarely credited for some of the best adventures in Uganda. To many travelers; Jinja is often their main stop because of Kayaking and whitewater rafting with a stop in Mabira forest for zip-lining.

However, this is not all that Uganda has to offer in terms of Adventure activities. The sunset cruises with breakfast on board, summiting the snowcapped Rwenzoris, abseiling at Sipi Falls, and bungee jumping; are some of the many activities to include on your Uganda adventure bucket list.

Uganda is a country with very good weather. It rarely goes beyond two weeks without a cloud of rain. Whether you are traveling in the dry season, or in the wet season; the weather will likely not be too bad to the point of stopping you from exploring the pearl of Africa.


Mindful Retreat and Wellness

Besides the wildlife adventures and the Uganda road trips, some people find more peace in merely relaxing at some of Uganda’s premier lodges. To the average Ugandan, the go-to hotels and lodges are Serena Hotel and Sheraton. However, given the fact that these places host a number of conferences; you might enjoy your stay there.

Consider a stay at places such as Haven Lodge in Jinja where you will be woken up to the sounds of the roaring Nile. A stay at Lemala Wild Waters is also highly recommended. Nile Safari Lodge, Paraa, and Mweya are among the many places you can simply relax without the need to book any extra activities.

Ssesse Islands has also made its mark mainly because of mindful retreats and wellness. Therefore, when traveling to Uganda, think beyond the wildlife and just explore the country without limiting yourself to wildlife. With a good tour guide, you will reconnect past without losing touch of the present. Just visit Uganda as a way to relax and recharge not merely tick it off your bucket list.

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