How Private Charters Make Business Trips To MICE Events Simpler

by Brad Fein
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You might have come across several events in the US, that are collectively known as MICE. But don’t go thinking that it’s simply a rodent exhibition – in truth, it has nothing to do with mice at all. Curious? Then let’s take a moment to figure out what the term MICE events actually means.

To bring you up to speed, MICE stands for four different types of events: Meetings, Incentives, Conferences, and Exhibitions. While often overlooked, it’s a fundamental part of the international tourism industry as a whole. It’s so important in fact, that cities and states across the U.S. and internationally compete with each other for the opportunity to host a major global MICE event on their home turf.

Why such fierce competition? Well, MICE events host massive groups coming from a single company or whole industry in one place. Seeing that some MICE events can involve thousands of attendees in a single event, these meetings, incentives, conferences, and exhibitions tend to generate large earnings for all parties involved. Some of the examples of MICE events involve academic summits, industry showcase exhibitions, conferences, meetings, symposiums, trade shows, product launches, and can even include team-building events.

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Let’s break down the meaning of MICE:

  • Meetings – Meetings can be described as large groups gathering to share knowledge, news, or new ideas and are a pillar of most large corporate structures. These include committee meetings, annual general meetings, and can be held on an ad hoc basis, quarterly, annually, or according to a set pattern.
  • Incentives – Companies use incentive trips and travel to motivate employees, promote loyalty within a business, and reward a job well done. Incentives can take a multitude of forms: team-building events, a day trip, or even a short break, including spa and pampering weekends, and attending sporting or cultural events.
  • Conferences (conventions) – Industry-specific conferences, more usually than not, involve large groups of people from either a single corporation or an entire industry coming together under one roof to discuss the latest news and trends, to make connections, and to highlight achievements.
  • Exhibitions – Expos, trade shows, fairs, and even open days are the ideal sales platform for companies and businesses to introduce new products, showcase achievements and key aspects, attract new clients, and network with industry colleagues.

The heavyweight MICE industry

If it’s your first-time hearing about MICE events, there’s a chance that you are wondering how big is the MICE industry.

MICE events are undeniably a huge part of the tourism industry, dedicated to planning, booking, and facilitating conferences, seminars, and other events. It’s seen as the highest revenue contributor to the tourism industry as a whole. The size of the industry in 2017 was valued at $805 billion and is estimated to reach close to $1,337 billion by 2028.

Meeting Plan

Looking at these numbers, it’s not surprising that in terms of attendance, roughly 30% of the largest exhibitions and conventions in the U.S. had at least 2,500 participants in 2019. On average, 46% of the total revenue from the MICE events in the U.S., like trade shows, for example, came from registration alone.

To give you a better understanding of the scale of some of the largest MICE events in the States, a good example is the annual Mid-America Trucking Show, held in Louisville, KY. Celebrating its 50th anniversary this year, the trucking expo is expecting to host 1,020 exhibitors and over 72,584 attendees in a space of more than 1 million sq. ft.

Most recently, a number of MICE events’ organizers noted that attendees are now more flexible and show a preference for adding leisure elements to their business trips. These add-on leisure experiences usually include cultural tourism, adventure tourism, nature tourism, or wellness tourism, and are big businesses for attracting even more interest.

TOP 3 U.S. MICE destinations

So, what are the largest, most popular destinations when it comes to MICE events for businesses in the U.S.? Looking at the sheer volume of planned events, the top destinations in the country are:

  • Miami, FL – adorned in bronze beaches, rich history, and classical cosmopolitan cities, the Sunshine State is also home to a large number of MICE events. From international boat shows to aviation festivals, Miami offers 3 centers, totaling nearly 1 million sq. ft., and 74 specialized meeting venues.
  • Las Vegas, NV – Some of the largest convention centers in the city boast over 1 million sq. ft. of space and can host around 200,000 participants for a wide variety of events ranging from international pizza expos to security conferences.
  • New York City, NY – the Big Apple has probably the highest number of events held, being the most densely populated city in the U.S. Covering everything from luxury travel summits to medical conferences, NYC offers a wide range of convention centers for hosting MICE events.

Private Jet

How private jet charters help the MICE event industry

MICE events almost always involve moving large groups of people between one destination and another, and for a majority of event planners, private jets charters are rapidly growing in popularity.

With the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, corporations and large businesses are putting a lot of effort into maintaining their employees’ health and safety. Something that has primarily focused to help executives avoid busy airports and overcrowded flights, private airplane charters have been quick in delivering additional benefits.

Together with the safety and hygiene factors, private jet charters, in some cases, even prove to be more financially rewarding than booking first-class or premium-class tickets for a large group of executives traveling to various events and meetings.

Time is money

For many corporate travelers, time is an expensive commodity, one they can’t afford to waste. Things like long security lines and packed terminals can eat into that valuable time. On top of that, the constant uncertainty that flights may be delayed or canceled, or that the nearest available airport is miles away from the MICE event, add unnecessary hours to travel times. In the world of business, even the smallest of delays cost millions. Private jet charters, however, give you the power to determine the entire itinerary. It’s like door-to-door service, getting you and your guests directly to where you need to be, on time, and hassle-free.

Cutting costs in the long run

Imagine sending 50 executives to an international event. That most likely means 50 premium airline tickets, taxis to and from the airport, along with evening meals, entertainment, and accommodation adding up the final bill.

A private jet charter for 20-50 people might save you money in the long run. With a private jet charter, additional advantages that flying together brings can help create better team synergy, allow for a pre-event meeting time, or simply give the chance to relax comfortably before what could be a couple of very demanding days ahead.

Don’t forget – the entire team will have to get back home, so the possibilities of scheduled flight disruption and more wasted time and money when flying commercial are still there. Whether 30 or 50 people are traveling together on a large business jet, the cost will be the same.

Unmatched privacy and security

While it might seem like no big deal, privacy can become a major concern for many executives. Traveling to a MICE event with a group of colleagues can offer a great opportunity to have a last-minute brainstorming session on board, prepare sales strategy, swap notes on network contacts or prepare for the upcoming business events in a private and secure environment that commercial flights cannot match.

Private Jet Interiors

Flexibility means simplicity

Traveling to MICE venues and attending events, especially on an international scale, can be made simple by using a reliable private jet hire company.

A good private jet charter company will naturally understand the MICE industry and what it entails, this way offering the perfect solutions to align with your needs. Whatever you can imagine, an experienced private jet hire company can make it all a reality. Whether it’s advertising your company logo as part of the aircraft livery, providing custom menus, arranging luxury ground transport solutions, or even flying to smaller, more convenient private landing strips or airfields, private jets offer the greatest flexibility and value for money.

Treat your team using MICE events

Whether you’re celebrating a significant milestone in your company’s history, an announcement of a new partnership or product, MICE events are the perfect place to treat your team. Not everyone has had the opportunity to experience private jet travel, and a major industry MICE event might turn out to be the best occasion to charter a private jet, letting your team know their value to the company. Plus, arriving at an industry even by a private jet can be a great marketing opportunity or simply a great way of getting your presence noticed by the competition.

Private jets and the MICE industry

Outlining some of the reasons why private jet charters make MICE events more special, it’s worth noting that every private jet charter will be different. This includes varying sets of requirements like group sizes and other extras that need to be organized.

That is exactly why finding the ideal jet charter partner should be the first task on your list. A seasoned charter company will undoubtedly have the knowledge and qualified personnel to arrange even the smallest or rarest of details of your trip. Experienced charter companies already have a deep understanding of the MICE industry and know exactly what is needed for a smooth trip. A backup of an extensive network of reliable partners, and the ability to offer real value for money is another thing that only well-versed charter companies can offer.

Sometimes, for a MICE event planner or organizer, making this sort of project a reality can take up to two-three years in advance. Getting things right becomes crucial and can cause a lot of stress. Any help that can take some of that stress off should be considered. One of the ways to do so — building a strong and reliable relationship with a charter company. Such collaboration can grow into a beneficial long-term partnership for years to come. By using a trustworthy jet charter company, you are more likely guaranteed to have your every need catered for, matching your requirements to a T.

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