Facing Termination Due to Age? Take These 3 Immediate Steps to Protect Your Rights

by Brad Fein
Facing Termination Due to Age

In my five years of golf experience, I have noticed that seniors, with their mature personalities, really take to golf and look great on the course. On the other end, in my 20 years of experience with the organization, I’ve observed most seniors work hard in the organization due to facing their financial challenges. I strongly believe they deserve to savor life, including participating in sports activities for a fulfilling and enjoyable lifestyle. If you’re keen on golf, don’t miss out on the chance with Accordia Golf. It presents a new game look, seeing golf as a chill, casual game. And if you believe age was a factor in your dismissal, here are three things you need to do.


Don’t accept your severance offer immediately

Getting legal counsel before agreeing to any offer is very important. because once you put your signature on the agreement, you lose the opportunity to protect your rights, which could be equal to the amount of 24 months approximately. so, before taking any steps or making any decisions, don’t hesitate to consult with experienced employment lawyers.

It has been observed that in Canada, employers usually force non-unionized workers to sign a severance agreement that offers them very low remuneration as compared to their rights or what they deserve. According to the Canadian Human Rights Act (CHRA) and Provincial Human Rights Codes, age discrimination in employment is prohibited.

How to improve the employer-employee relationship? It is the responsibility of employers to provide their employees with an ideal working environment to avoid any incidents that violate the rights of their employees. In this background, employers should diligently maintain and update their organization’s SOP every year; this will keep their employees focused on their tasks. Click here if you want to have a happy and productive workplace environment, such as a great culture, employee leadership development, the role of HR, and employee production performance. That way, employees will automatically fulfill their responsibilities.

Gather any relevant documents

Gather any relevant documents

Records show that there are a lot of cases of age discrimination in employment. Documents are very helpful in providing proof against age discrimination. The more evidence you have against age discrimination, the greater the chances of compensation you’ll get. As proof, you must collect different performance reports, emails, or any relevant materials that place a spotlight on your active contributions and work competency. Having solid pieces of evidence with dates and details will make your case stronger and ultimately strengthen your claims.

A similar incident of age discrimination at a famous workplace was reported a few years ago, where a senior employee was asked through an email to retire from his job just because he was 66 years old. However, the employee was happy with his job and was performing his duties efficiently, and his colleagues were also witnesses to his hard work. He learned from his boss during the termination meeting that the firm was planning to make him relinquish his duties with severance. This made him confident that he was being discriminated against for his age. He printed out the email, gathered other relevant proofs, and contacted the wrongful termination lawyer.

After having a closer look at the pieces of evidence, the lawyer told him to claim wrongful dismissal and that he had the right to complain to the human rights department. In the end, that senior worker secured a severance package and extra compensation based on that age discrimination factor.

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Consulting a legal advisor is very important for getting help in cases of age discrimination, including wrongful termination in Ontario. A lot of beneficial options are available to assist you if you are a victim of age discrimination. So, if you think that there is something unfair happening to you, you can contact the wrongful termination lawyer in Ontario, Andrew Monkhouse, who specializes in employment laws, including age discrimination rights. So, stop worrying and waiting; contact us. Our talented team will thoroughly investigate your case and will guide you professionally to tackle your employment issues by doing its best to help you get your age discrimination compensation according to laws.


We have observed that most professional employees take steps to address workplace issues to protect their rights. So, “Know Yourself” is your strategy’s first and most important element. That way, contacting an employment attorney ensures a clear understanding of age discrimination laws and helps strategize your response. Documenting instances of discriminatory behavior and gathering evidence is important for building a compelling case. Additionally, delving into mediation or negotiation steps may offer a more friendly resolution. Taking these proactive steps authorizes you to effectively find the situation; in short, it’s always wise to take your time and discuss your situation with legal professionals to learn about your rights.

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