Ways that players used to take advantage of slot sites

by Brad Fein
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Online slot sites are extremely popular, and are only becoming more and more popular as people are discovering they can play their favourite games whenever they want to but also – thanks to new technology that has made it possible to play wherever they want to as well; download some apps onto your phone and you can enjoy your hobby no matter where you happen to be.

For some, playing the UK lottery is enough. They know they would spend money on any other hobby, whether that was going to the gym, the theatre, or starting some kind of course, so paying to play slots is not something that worries them. Others, however, play to win, and these are the ones who take the most advantage of slot sites. Here is how they do it.

Choose Slots With The Highest Payouts

The best way to make the most money when playing slots, even though winning anything is never guaranteed, is to choose the slots with the highest payouts. It sounds so simple, and that’s because it is – the bigger the prize the more you will win if you are the one to win it. Of course, these games tend to also be the ones with the fewest paylines, but if you want to take a chance and you want to win big, this will work for you.

Choose Slots With The Best RTPs

The RTP of a slot is the ‘return to player’. It’s expressed as a percentage, and can be found in the details of every slot you play online (if you can’t find it, don’t play since it is a legal requirement to have this number by the slot). The higher the percentage, the more chance there is of walking away without a lot. That doesn’t mean a profit, of course, but it does mean you haven’t technically lost.

Slots tend to have an RTP of between 95 and 99 percent, so take your time when picking the game you want to play. Not all slots are the same, even if that’s what you think, and although the difference between an RTP of 96 percent and 98 percent doesn’t seem like a lot, in reality it could be everything.

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Use The Welcome Bonus

Most casino sites will offer some kind of welcome bonus to new players. There are so many sites that competition is fierce, and by offering exciting bonuses to players they are going to be able to get more business. It’s a great marketing technique for casinos, but it’s also great for the players. They are literally being given free money (or free spins, which equates to the same thing when you think about it because it means you’re not having to pay in to play slots – you can do it for free.

Players can certainly use the welcome bonuses to their advantage, increasing the amount of time they can play, or increasing the value of the bets they place (both of which will also increase your chances of winning). However, make sure you check the small print to ensure you know what wagering requirements are in place when it comes to paying out prizes won using bonuses.

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