Slot Cheats That Were Used in The Past

by Brad Fein
Slot Cheats

It’s tricky to cheat on online slots at Cozino. In fact, it’s pretty near to possible to cheat on them unless you are a master of coding. However, back in the days of the mechanical slot game, cheating was a bit more commonplace if you could come up with a way in which you could rig the machine.

Throughout history, there have been a number of particularly audacious slot cheats, some of which resulted in massively lucrative hauls of cash. As much as we can safely say that we do not condone cheating in any way, shape or form, it is quite exciting to read about the times of old and the ingenuity that was used to pull off some of these cheats.

Let’s take a look back through the history books to find out about the very best slot cheats.

Coin On a String

We’re starting a little bit basic here. In fact, the coin on the string is probably the most primitive form of slot game cheating there could be, so it’s no wonder that the creators of slot machines quickly found a way to redesign the mechanisms of the machines to be able to put a stop to this.

However, for a few years (many decades ago), some punters won some decent cash using the coin on a string. It is as simple as it sounds. Cheaters would simply tie a piece of string around the coin for the slot game, drop it into the slot so that it triggered a spin, and then pull it back out again so they could use it unlimited times. Imagine trying to get away with that nowadays.

The Monkey Paw

Ramping it up a bit in terms of its technological creativity, the monkey paw was an instrument invented by Tommy Glen Carmichael. It was made up of guitar string attached to a metal wand, and it went into the air vent of the slot machine to trigger the microswitch inside it and therefore an instant payout.

This was much more efficient than the Coin on a String as it saved a lot of time in spinning, and it made Carmichael quite a bit of cash before he was eventually caught and imprisoned all of 40 years later.

The Magnetic Field

Slot Machines Reel Spin
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Before about 1970, slot games did not have any protection from magnets. So, potential cheaters could rig the machines using magnets if they had the brains to be able to do it in the right ways. One of these ways was to have the reels spin freely rather than stopping at a random point as they usually would after a spin.

Punters could effectively choose when they wanted the symbols to stop in this way, and so for the small price of the coin stake, they could win as much as they wanted. Crafty, right?

Final Thoughts on Slot Game Cheats

It’s cool to see a bit of history on slots, but these days are over now. Who’s to say it won’t happen again with a technological breakthrough in the future, though?

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