Your Top 3 Safest Bets in the Casino

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In terms of odds, and payouts, not all games or even bets in specific games, are equal. There’s a huge difference between betting on a slot or a single number in roulette than betting on a color or an odd/even number. In fact, so much so that it’s hard to pinpoint specific games that are safer. Because it all depends on how you’re playing, rather than what you’re playing.

That being said, there are, of course, certain games that provide more ample opportunities to make less risky bets. For instance, all table games come with better odds of winning than playing slots. However, their payouts won’t be anywhere near as awe-inspiring.

In the end, it all boils down to how much of a risk you’re willing to take. If the answer to that is not much of a risk, then you’ll probably find the following very helpful. Then when you’re ready to put these bets to the test, check out online slots NZ where you will find tons of different variations and very fair odds.

Roulette – Even Money Bets

 There are two main types of bets in roulette, “inside bets” and “outside bets”. Generally, the outside bets are much safer options than the inside bets, which are mostly on one number or a smaller selection of numbers.

These outside bets are on black or red, odd or even numbers of high/low numbers. What they all have in common is that they pay even money, since you have roughly fifty-fifty chance of winning.

If you like the idea of slowly building up your profit, then you should stick to these types of bets for the majority if not all of your betting sessions.


Baccarat – Everything Except the Tie Bet

 When you bet on either the banker or the player in baccarat, you have almost a 50% chance of winning, since these are the two outcomes that show up over 90% of the time. In addition to having an already low house edge, baccarat is always an excellent bet. Just don’t make the tie bet, which rarely ever occurs.

There’s a reason why the majority of big spenders that enter a casino will head straight to the baccarat table. Moreover, it isn’t unheard of for them to leave casinos with millions in winnings.


 Generally, blackjack is the best game to play in the casino because it has the lowest house edge. Furthermore, using a basic blackjack strategy will ensure that you take the edge even lower and win more consistently. There’s no sense in ignoring this good advice because blackjack is already such an easy game to grasp. Just remember that instead of aiming for 21, your primary goal should be to beat the dealer. Many players forget this and end up busting as a result. Blackjack is one of those games that how you play makes all the difference in the world. Although it’s commonly thought of as a game of luck. Skill does play a part in whether you win or lose.



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