COVID-19 and Its Effects on Personal Injury Cases

by Brad Fein
Personal Injury Cases

While the novel coronavirus is bringing fear and uncertainty to people from all over the world, governments are trying hard to slow down its spread and flatten the curve. They are doing this by adopting a series of new measures and policies, which, in turn, might affect your personal injury case. In this article, you will be guided through some of the most notable effects of COVID-19 on your personal injury case and what you need to know as of September 2020. 

Delayed for Trial

Contrary to popular belief, even though the world seemed like it was put on pause when non-essential workers, including personal injury attorneys, were asked to work from home, personal injury cases and trials did not disappear. On the contrary, with the social distancing measures in place, personal injury cases couldn’t go to trial on time. And while the vast majority of these cases agreed to settle before trial, most of them still require a minimum of one hearing in the court. But do not lose hope just yet; technology is here to help. Many depositions, arbitrations, and even settlement negotiations are currently being carried out through video or teleconference, instead of physical attendance in court.

Unfair Settlements

One of the most significant effects of COVID-19 that is yet to be fully sensed by the population is the economic impact. With many people having been laid-off their jobs and others losing their business and savings, insurance companies are here to make the most out of this situation. They know that the chances of plaintiffs accepting less than the desired settlement amount are higher during this global crisis. Nonetheless, a reputable injury law firm would advise you the opposite since they know you could receive proper compensation if you can afford to wait longer.

Death by Fear

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When building a personal injury case after an accident with a vehicle, the plaintiff’s medical records are key. In the COVID-19 era, this represents a problem since many people fear going to the hospital and receiving proper care, not to catch the virus. At the same time, many hospitals are operating at their full capacity, and receiving appropriate care can take longer than usual. This means that, while fearing the virus, another medical condition might be the death for you. While these concerns are valid, a personal injury attorney would advise you to, at least, keep a medical diary and try medical video conferences, with the promise of visiting the hospital when possible.

Time Does Not Mean Money

While it is recommended to wait before settling your case for lower than you deserve, time might not necessarily mean more money in some cases. Because of the economic constraint caused by the pandemic, an uninsured business on the verge of bankruptcy might have you wait for your compensation longer than expected. At the same time, there might be no possible way of collecting full settlement money.

Finally, even though dealing with a personal injury case during a pandemic might not be ideal, at least now you know what the effects are and how you can prepare your winning claim.

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