Study Shows Comfort Associated With Exercise Quality And Longevity

by Brad Fein
Comfort Associated With Exercise

Exercise and fitness are important to many, but not everyone has the same ease of working out that others do. While there may be different reasons for this, one study interestingly suggests that a part of the reason for this is the relative levels of comfort that people are able to maintain throughout their workout which impacts both the longevity and intensity of a person’s exercise and workout1. Through this, the level of comfort that an individual is able to maintain a longer and more effective workout which helps them overall.

With this newly found information in mind, it is not surprising to see so many runners choosing joggers and comfortable attire for working out rather than the traditional workout clothing. If comfort has the ability to improve the ability and consistency of an individual with regards to working out, then maybe it couldn’t hurt to try switching up attire to potentially improve the process of working out and the level of comfort that individual experiences throughout their workout.

Another strategy to help improve the level of comfort throughout working out is with the types of workout that a person chooses to engage in. Some people go running and quickly become bored because of how intense and repetitive the process can be. However, riding a bike can be a great way to obtain outdoor exercise in a much more comfortable manner which can result in a person exercising more and doing so with more comfort. For this reason, the type of exercise or workout is chosen can substantially improve the workout of a person as well.

Some people believe that intensity is the key to working out and that there cannot be any working out unless there are intensity and discomfort. This is not always true as a person can work up a sweat riding a bike or playing a soft sport such as frisbee without necessarily overexerting themselves to the level of discomfort. An improvement in the level of comfort can help make it so that a person is more looking forward to continuing their workout routine as opposed to facing the obstacles and difficulties that can come with overexertion which can ultimately take away from the consistency and the effectiveness of a workout.

Comfort has an important role in the process of health and wellness that many people may easily overlook due to a false belief that exercise and healthy working out always has to be a grueling and harsh experience. This is not necessarily true and there are many examples of the contrary. Even soft running and exercise can have a substantial impact on the health of an individual which can improve their wellness substantially. Having the right gear and equipment can substantially improve a person’s willingness to engage in a continuous exercise which can improve their consistency overall

Overall, there are many different factors that contribute to a successful and effective workout and it does not always have to be a harsh or uncomfortable experience. In fact, many have shown that comfort can substantially improve the level of commitment a person maintains to exercise which shows that there are more factors to consider than just intensity and roughness as some may have others think. Instead, it is a balance between the two that is likely to lead to the best results in terms of health and wellness and this is the most important element to maintaining a healthy workout schedule successfully.


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