Types of Berkey Water Filters You Need to Know

by Brad Fein

No matter the size of your household, everyone needs access to pure, filtered water. In fact, if you don’t drink as much water as you know you should, having a Berkey on the counter and filtered water easily in reach can help you make good choices in every sip.

Small Households

If you’ve seen the Big Berkey Water Filter standing on a countertop or a table and wondered how you’d ever put it to good use because you have a small household, we have good news. There are many smaller versions of the berkey filtration system, including a travel Berkey that is ideally suited to RVs, campers, and small households.

Why Berkey in your RV? First of all, no matter how careful you are, your water tanks can grow bacteria, so you need the best filtration system possible for all the water you use. Additionally, tap water in the region you’re traveling to may be much different than the tap water you’re used to, so filtering out minerals and salt will keep your fluid intake high. Finally, if you’ve built the very good habit of drinking filtered water from your Berkey at home, a smaller Berkey on the counter for your RV will just reinforce good health.

Easy to Prep

If space considerations mean that you have to fit a smaller Berkey in your home, you can still enjoy clean, filtered water whenever you get back from a hike or a bit of sight-seeing. Invest in some non-reactive water bottles, either in stainless steel or aluminum, and start filling them in the evening before your day out. Even a small Berkey can filter out almost 3 gallons per hour, so filling multiple bottles and refrigerating them before bed is a simple process. In the morning, you’ll have cold water to take with you and a Berkey full of fresh water for coffee or tea.

Initial Expense

Berkeys are made in the United States. They’re not cheap. They won’t fall apart, rust or leak if they’re put together correctly and if they do, you can call us and we’ll replace the unit or give you your money back. Customer service, design and manufacturing all in one location. We don’t apologize for charging what this product is worth.

Buyers should know that their first Berkey set up will provide them not only with the holding tank, the pour tank and the filter covers, but the filter material to cleanse up to 6,000 gallons of water. The cheapest filtered water to be found at many kiosks is twenty-five cents a gallon. A Travel Berkey at $269.00 will cost less than five cents a gallon. Additionally, you won’t have to wonder who has just used the spigot or if the water is really clean.


In addition to building great water filtration tools, Berkey is now offering carrying bags for your Berkey. If you’re on the road a lot or are even a permanent nomad, this carrying bag provides both thermal protection and easy portability. Remember that 1 gallon of water is 8 pounds and plan accordingly as to how much you’ll carry and who will shoulder the water. Berkey will worry about building a hearty thermal bag.

Safety and Health

Whether you’re on the road or on a homestead, access to clean and purified drinking water is key. You must have access to a quality filter that will work well for years. The average American drinks just under 14 cups of water a day, though much of this is in other beverages. There are 16 cups in a gallon, so even if you’re drinking a full gallon a day of pure and clean water, you’ll have 6,000 days before you have to change the filter. Over 16 years of water for $269.00 is a pretty good deal and a great investment in your health.

The size of your household will matter a lot in the size of Berkey you get. However, if you need to start small, remember that these units are highly portable and easy to move out to the lake cabin, into the RV or into your child’s new apartment. When you’re ready to ramp up or to downsize you’ll be able to find a Berkey that will serve you well.

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