4 Key Features That You Want With Your New Fitness Center Management Software

by Brad Fein

Moving your spa or gym to the next level means making some changes. One of those changes should be the wellness business management software tool that you and your staff use. Before grabbing the first product that seems to be a good fit, it makes sense to test drive a few different products for at least a couple of weeks. As you decide what to try first, make sure the software you choose includes these four essential features.

A Streamlined and Intuitive Dashboard

When you or your staff prepare to use the software for any tasks, the process should be simple. Simplicity starts with the tool’s dashboard. Ideally, the layout should make it easy to select the function that you want, go right to it, and complete the task. There should be no need for several steps in order to get to the right place.

The goal here is to complete tasks quickly. In some cases, those tasks may be back-end functions that only you or your staff see. At other times, there could be a client waiting while you complete the task. If the dashboard is simple to use and gets you where you need to go without delays, your client won’t have to wait very long.

Real-Time Updates

You definitely want to manage your MMA club efficiently with this software. That includes constant updates of the data stored within the system. You want to know that as of a moment ago there are no more slots available for an upcoming class. It’s also important in terms of providing up to the minute data on payments received, payments to your creditors disbursed, and which of your trainers are currently holding private sessions for one of your clients.

Simple Automated Billing With an Easy Manual Override

Much of the billing process should be automated. Invoices to clients should occur with ease. Initiating withdrawals for clients who have set up automated payments should occur each month. Posting those payments should also take place automatically.

While you want to keep things simple, the software should also allow you and authorized staff members to manually override the billing protocol for a specific customer. This can come in handy if you want to extend a discount to a new member, or even if you want to add a quick note to an electronic invoice.

Email and Text Communication Options

Texting and email remain important ways to communicate with your clients. Ideally, the software will make it easy to send a text to all your members without revealing individual contact data. At the same time, the software should allow you to receive responses and act on them quickly. Along with being convenient for your clients, it also allows you and your team to ensure no customer question or concern is left unanswered for too long.

There are plenty of other features that should be part of your new fitness management software. Along with these four essentials, identify other features that would make running the business and taking care of your clients more efficient. The right choice will serve you well for many years to come.

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