Keep Your Vehicle Secure With Tech That Outsmarts Thieves

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Data security? Check. Home security? All set. But have you taken care of vehicle security? 

Having your automobile stolen is a costly nuisance, and if your car holds emotional value, it is also heartbreaking. Auto theft is no longer as straightforward as learning how to hot-wire an ignition. 

Thieves are just finding new ways to steal your vehicle. Suppose you often park in a dangerous location or leave essential items in the cabin. In that case, we recommend putting in a car recovery system or any other type of anti-theft device. 

Below we will tell you a few of the tech and non-tech ways to combat auto theft, as well as how your car insurance covers you and gives you discounts.

Does Car Insurance Cover Theft?

Depending on the scenario and the vehicle insurance you have, insurance may or may not cover theft. Theft and break-in repair charges are generally covered under comprehensive coverage. 

If you have comprehensive coverage, you’ll be insured for both theft and damage to your car caused by a break-in. Your automobile will be reimbursed up to its actual cash value (ACV) minus your deductible. 

Since no other form of auto insurance covers theft, you’ll be on your own to cover the cost of a replacement vehicle if you don’t have comprehensive coverage. 

For instance, if a break-in causes damage to your vehicle after leaving it at a bar overnight to avoid driving drunk, comprehensive insurance will protect your vehicle’s repair expenses. Your insurer may cover some of the costs including broken door locks, broken ignition systems, and smashed windows.

However, liability insurance is unlikely to cover theft because it often covers personal harm and property damage due to an accident.

When your automobile is stolen, report it to the police right away and check with your insurance company to see if you’re covered. The quicker you do this, the sooner you’ll be able to replace your automobile, and the more likely your car will be recovered.

Does Auto Insurance Cover Theft of Personal Items from My Car?

Your auto insurance policy does not cover personal things taken from your car, like a laptop, purse, or mobile phone. Fortunately, personal items taken from your automobile can sometimes be covered by your renters or homeowners insurance. 

They are even covered if the car was not on your property when it was stolen. Stolen mobile phones, computers, and other electronic gadgets can also be covered by electronic device insurance.

What are Anti-Theft Discounts, and Which Ones are Readily Available?

To make their vehicle insurance costs more appealing, insurance firms provide discounts to particular candidates. Similar to discounts available for those who have tech that prevents accidents, discounts are available to those with anti-theft devices.

The anti-theft discount will be applied to certain portions of your rates, allowing you to save money on insurance for several vehicles in your household. 

These anti-theft devices and discounts are vital if you live in a city or area where burglaries are common. Even if you haven’t been a robbery victim, the number of thefts in your area may cause your insurance rates to rise.

Visible preventive measures like a steering wheel lock, window etching of your VIN, or an alarm system’s flashing light may be enough to stop a car burglar. The following are some of the most common anti-theft offers:

  • Active alarm discount: The cheapest alarm system accessible at local auto dealerships is an active-type alarm system. Every time you leave the car with this gadget, you must press a button to activate the alarm. 
  • Engine disabling alarm discount: When the alarm sounds, the engine-disabling feature signifies that the alarm has been programmed into the car’s computer system to deactivate the ignition or engine. If the alarm is set off, the car cannot be driven away. These alarms provide larger discounts, but they are more expensive to install.
  • Discount for passive alarm: The passive system is preferable since it will switch on automatically after the keys are taken from the ignition and all the car doors are closed. 
  • Discount on a sound-only car alarm: A sound-only car alarm is meant to discourage car thieves by notifying everyone in the vicinity that someone has tried to open the vehicle while it is locked. Because sound is the only means to deter theft, the savings from a sound-only alarm may be small.

Keep in mind that things become a bit more difficult when it comes to anti-theft discounts because there are numerous other discounts available in addition to the ones listed above. Instead of installing an alarm to save money on insurance, install one to safeguard your vehicle.

Man with a car alarm key

How Do I Protect My Car from Theft?

Auto theft has changed dramatically because of technological advancements. Cars are becoming more difficult to steal and recover thanks to engine immobilizers, loud alarms, and vehicle recovery systems. 

Take some preemptive precautions to slow down any potential thieves to help secure your car from a crime of chance. Avoid parking in areas where a thief will have enough time to disable the ignition system. Even if you’re only going on errands, always lock your car and set the alarm. 

You should bring your keys, phone, GPS, laptop, and wallet with you or store them out of sight. Some other tips to help keep your car secure are below.

Before You Park, Stow Valuables And Park in Plain Sight

Many criminals keep an eye out in parking lots for those who leave valuables in their vehicles. To avoid attracting the attention of criminals, stow valuables out of sight before parking. 

Aside from keeping an eye out, always remember to park your car in a well-lit, safe area. If they can find shelter, thieves will act even in broad daylight. When parking, look for well-lit locations and open, unimpeded places.

When Your Vehicle Is Idling, Don’t Leave It Alone

Always keep your keys with you, even if you’re just stopping for a minute. Thieves frequently target convenience store and gas station parking lots, where people may leave their cars running with the keys in the ignition. 

It may be tempting to let your car idle to warm up during chilly weather. Car thieves will find this an appealing target.

Use Steering Wheel Locks

Since steering wheel locks are simple to put on and remove, they’re ideal for keeping in your car and using on the go. They function by immobilizing the steering wheel by locking it. 

Look for a metal steering wheel lock that is the right size for your vehicle. Several businesses even provide guarantees, such as reimbursing the owner’s comprehensive insurance deductible up to a specific amount if the automobile is stolen.


Install a Car Alarm

An after-market vehicle alarm is a fantastic technique to deter criminals if your car alarm is faulty, out of date, or just non-existent. New alarms frequently include useful features like remote car starter and keyless access in addition to increased security. 

Your automobile insurance provider may reduce your rate as a result of the enhanced protection, but if you’re budgeting for an alarm, remember that it will almost certainly require expert installation.

Is it Necessary to Protect my Car if I Have Insurance?

You may be unconcerned about auto theft if you believe your insurance will cover it. You should, however, double-check your coverage to be sure you are, in fact, protected. 

You’ll need a policy with comprehensive coverage, which is generally optional unless you have a car loan, to get any type of stolen reimbursement. As a condition of the loan, banks frequently demand complete coverage. 

You’re probably not protected from theft if you own your automobile and simply have the bare minimum coverage.

Even if your auto insurance coverage covers theft, you’ll almost certainly suffer some loss. For instance, you might still be responsible for your deductible and the cost of a rental car.  Following the theft, certain insurance companies may raise your rate. 

Imani Francies writes and researches for the car insurance site, Imani stays up to date on the newest technology to help people keep their vehicles safe and secure from thieves.


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