6 Ways to Get Home Without Driving Drunk

by Brad Fein
Ways to Get Home

Driving under the influence is a dangerous act that can jeopardize your safety as well as the safety of the other drivers, passengers, or pedestrians nearby. Depending on the consequences of your reckless behavior, you can be charged with more than just a DWI. In this article, you will have a look at six safe ways to get home without driving drunk and endangering anyone’s safety.

1.  Public Transportation

The first and most common alternative to drunk driving is public transportation (anything from buses, trains, subways, tramways, and so on). This method is safe and cost-effective since the price of such a ticket can be smaller than that of a single beer. While public transportation is available during nighttime, in certain cities, you want to check the running hours before leaving the house to avoid any unwanted surprises.

2.  Walk

Another common and budget-friendly alternative to driving under the influence is walking. If you are too drunk to drive a car but sober enough to understand and obey the traffic signs, then you can choose to walk to your house, if the distance allows you to. Make sure to walk on the sidewalk or face the traffic, stay in well-lit areas, make yourself as visible as possible, do not walk alone if possible, and follow all the road signs and signals.

3.  The Designated Driver

If you go out with a group of friends, you can designate one of them to be the driver. This person will refrain from drinking and will make sure to drive you all safe and sound to your houses. Depending on who has a driving license, you can all take turns and be the designated driver, one person at a time. Concurrently, you can delegate a driver, different from your friends, who can drop you off and pick you up at the end of the night.

4.  Taxis

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Another common way to get safe to your house after a night out is to take a taxi. On most weekends and some weekdays, you can find a line of taxis parked in front of restaurants, clubs, pubs, hotels, and so on, ready to take you to your destination.

5.  Ridesharing

A more modern and budget-friendly version of the classic taxi is the ridesharing service. Uber and Lyft are some of the biggest names when it comes to ridesharing services. Before you hope on into the vehicle, you want to make sure that the license number matches the one you booked in your app. You can also double-check the driver’s identity.

6.  Drive-Your-Car

The most comfortable alternative to drunk driving, and probably the most expensive one, is the drive-your-car type of service. This option is perfect for those who drove to their destination and spontaneously decided to enjoy a few drinks with their friends. This service will send a sober driver to take you home in your own car. This way, you can avoid leaving your car and returning for it the next day.

Finally, there are many alternatives to drunk driving. If you want to enjoy a few drinks with your friends without endangering anyone’s life and without having to deal with DWI defence lawyers, now you know six common ways to do so.

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