Ways to Be Productive and Improve Your Resume

by Brad Fein
Improve Your Resume

Are you sitting at home applying for a lot of jobs? Are you not having much luck? The job hunt can be a long and stressful one. It can take sometimes many months and even up to a year to find a job. The competition is more fierce than it has ever been.

Indeed, you can apply for positions online and in person. Most people apply for many at the same time when they see new adverts. But a lot of the time, you will be waiting around waiting for a call or email for an interview. It can be demoralizing when you do not get any messages back from potential employers.

However, you do not have to sit around and do nothing. It is best to keep busy. Instead, you can be productive and improve your resume during this time. This can help you find a job faster and make you more attractive to employers. Let’s take a look at a few ways you can improve your resume.

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Start Volunteering

Do you need more experience on your resume? It can be difficult to find internships while you wait on your dream job. So, take the time to volunteer with a charity or organization and make good use of your time. Not only is this a rewarding thing to do – you’ll be helping your local community – but you can also add it to your resume. Employers are going to look at volunteer work very highly. This is also a good way to demonstrate the skills you have, such as communication and hard work, especially if you are interested in working with the public.

Add Qualifications

One thing that can make employers want to choose you for an interview is your qualifications. Just because you are currently job hunting does not mean that you cannot enrol in education. It can take a number of months to find a job and this is valuable time you can use to gain qualifications. For example, if you are thinking about becoming a blackjack dealer as an example, then you need to ensure that you are trained. This means going to dealer school for around three to six weeks. You can learn everything you need to know whilst you are applying for jobs. In addition, there are a number of courses online that allow you to study in your own time at home. Given that the casino industry is experiencing an upturn, this is an excellent potential career path.

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Rewrite Your Resume

Have you thought about rewriting your resume? A lot of people are guilty of keeping the same resume for many years and simply adding any new jobs or experience. However, sometimes it is better, to begin with, a blank canvas and start again. Things change and it may have been many years since you applied for a job. Language nuances change – an old resume will look dated just by the style of presentation

Try rewriting your resume based on the job that you are applying for. This could make all of the difference, as you are tailoring it to the job description. This can gain the interest of an employer and you may be invited for an interview. And remember, there are now very few jobs for which employers can specify male or female in our equal opportunities world.

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