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by Brad Fein
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Seemingly everyone these days is involved in the news and media businesses as there are so many social media articles and news stories that are posted on a regular basis. However, there is one problem with a heavy majority of the content associated with these pages and sites – they are very poor in quality. Anyone can produce content – but producing quality and reputable top content is a practice that requires a specific combination of skill and technique. For larger websites, or just any site owner, there are ways of easing the workload. Services like topcontent are a perfect solution when there is a need for high quality content, but little time to produce it yourself. Whether you need product descriptions, articles or maybe translation services, a content provider can save you a lot of time. This gives you time to focus on other crucial parts of your project. The following are some of the ways to sort through top quality content and poor quality content, especially given the rise of sensational media as of most recently.

Avoid Sensationalism

Some articles place a great amount of emphasis in sensationalism – that is they lead with a title or image that is very shocking or outrageous – not to tell a story or be truthful about informing an individual about a topic – but instead to get a rise out of the audience and have them commit to clicking on the article which will usually lead to a page with advertisements. While these types of tricks may be effective in the short term, they are certainly not of the quality and reputation that top quality content truly is.

Focusing On Objectivity

Objectiveness if very important in news and media content, which is why it is commonly taught that reporters and writers should be free from bias when they perform their writing. Unfortunately, many organizations and media providers have lost wind of this trait in their writing and have instead been putting out articles that are heavily biased in one way or another. Focusing on objectivity is another way to help sort out top quality content from poor quality content. The experience of a writer and how they use legitimate and authentic resources to support their writing as opposed to personalized and opinionated sources of evidence is going to make a key difference in the quality of writing.

Structure And Organization

The process of reading requires organization and structure in order for it to make sense, which is why it is important for the writer to follow structure and organization consistently throughout writing as well. Writing that goes off in too many directions to steers away from the main point can make it so that the writing is much more cluttered and ineffective to the reader in terms of receiving the intended message. Focusing on conveying the main messages in a clear and direct way is another factor that distinguishes top-quality writing from poor quality writing.

Authenticity Is Key

There are many who struggle or have difficulty with the process of writing when they are made to write about a particular topic or subject. Most of the time, this is because they are being made to write rather than authentically and genuinely taking the time to construct and prepare your writing. Writing from the heart and about topics/issues that a person cares about is one way to enhance the quality of writing. Having someone write who is motivated and interested in writing will almost always result in higher quality content than someone who is made to write or writing for ulterior motives (such as money and advertisements).


There are many different sources of content that have emerged in the most recent years, but not all writing is the same in terms of quality. There are, in fact, many content and media sources that are very disorganized in nature and are focused more on personal motives such as profits rather than integrity and quality in writing. However, those that do spend the time and effort to carefully prepare their content and do so in an authentic manner often experience a more genuine and legitimate success than other performers in the field.

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