How to be more productive with your investments

by Brad Fein

If you’re an investor, you’ll know how beneficial investing your money can be. When done right, investing allows you to build your income and have ownership of a lucrative asset which will grow in value over time. Many investors will know, however, how difficult it can often be to juggle different investments at once, especially if you have other commitments to stay on top of. The good news is that it is possible to invest your money more productively and proactively without sacrificing your other day to day demands.

Intrigued to find out more? Read on for some great tips on how to be more productive with your investing.

Utilise different technologies

Technology is a great tool that many investors are utilizing for their investments. With the help of smartphone apps, those just dipping their toe into the investment world are able to save and invest small amounts in a quick and easy way. Using investment apps like this is also beneficial for experienced investors who are looking to maximize their investments and build on their portfolio without having to set aside a lot of time to do so.

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Invest with a property investment company

If you’re interested in adding buy to let property investments to your investment portfolio, you should consider working with a property investment company rather than investing privately. When you invest in property privately, you need to scour the market to find the property, work out potential rental returns yourself, and deal with all aspects of the investment process without any assistance. When you purchase property that’s sold by an investment company, on the other hand, you can ensure that you’re investing in the best possible opportunity and details such as rental yields will be made clear to you before investing. RWinvest, a UK based company, take pride in helping their investors build portfolios featuring the best investment opportunities on the market, while also offering guidance through every step of the investment journey. This can help you make the most of your money and invest in a more proactive way.

Make a hands-off investment

Another great way for investors to make investments in a more productive way and spend less time managing their ventures is by opting for a hands-off strategy. Hands-off investment is when an external company manages your investments on your behalf. This is great for those who want to maximize their investments without the hassle that’s usually involved. If you’re looking to invest in property, making a hands-off investment will involve hiring a rental management company to take care of landlord duties like finding tenants and dealing with any day to day issues. If you’re investing in stocks and shares, you can also make a hands-off venture by hiring a stockbroker to invest on your behalf. Both these options will incur a small fee, but if you’re set on maximizing your investments in the simplest way possible, they’re definitely worth the extra money.

Are you an investor who has any tips on how to invest in a more productive and less time-consuming way? Let us know in the comments below.

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