9 Ways to Make The Workday Go By Faster

by Brad Fein
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Workdays can usually get very boring and they can seem endless. They, of course, have an end, but getting to that end may seem like an impossible mission. You can do a lot to change this and make your workdays go by faster. Here is a list of things that will help you do so.

Write down your daily goals

One of the things that will help you survive your workday is writing down your daily goals. Before you start your workday, make sure to consider all the things you have to do for that particular day. Consider how important they are and organize them according to their importance. Choose up to five most important tasks and put them on a piece of paper. This list should serve as a reminder and it should help you focus. Think of the meeting you have, o the deadlines you have to meet, and some tasks that you should do. Don’t pay too much attention to the ordering of the tasks. At the end of the day, what’s important is that you’ve finished everything, and not what you did first.

The tasks you put in the list should all be the ones to make you feel productive and successful. Once you fish the task, make sure to cross it out. This will give you a special feeling of accomplishment. If you finish all the tasks before you finish work, get on making another list. For instance, in this list, you could put the tasks that are not so important, but you’ve been forgetting to do them or avoiding doing them. You should take breaks between the tasks to help you stay motivated and keep up the good work without getting burned out.

Do menial tasks in the morning

If your job includes a lot of tiring and tedious tasks, the best way to deal with them is by doing them first. If you postpone doing all the boring tasks, your day will feel much longer than it actually is. If possible, try and finish this kind of tasks first, before you get to anything else. No matter how annoying or boring the tasks may be, the fact that you’ll eventually have to do them remains. If you do yourself a favour and finish them as soon as you get to work, your workday will be much more productive and it will end faster.

The mornings are perfect for completing such tasks because you are most focused in the morning. The distractions are fewer and you are more motivated in the first two hours of the work then in the last two hours. If you have more such tasks then one, doing them all in the morning is the best option for you. If you drag them through the day and do them piece by piece, your day will seem endless and you’ll feel exhausted.

Work on projects that you find interesting

The key to working efficiently is liking what you do. If you like your job, your workdays shouldn’t be too tiring. If you don’t like your job, but there are parts of it that you’re fond of, make sure to do get involved in those parts. If you have the chance to be included in the projects you’re passionate about or believe in, you should definitely go for it. If you get satisfaction from something you’re working on, you’ll do it much more efficiently and your time at work will pass quicker.

If such projects don’t exist at your workplace, try hard and create one. You can always do some research and get creative. You should consult your manager and your boss to find a suitable project and get on to it. If you do this, not only will your workdays seem shorter, but you will also be able to benefit. Employers love dedicated, hard-working, and creative employees and, with such acts, you will prove to have all these qualities.

Take breaks from time to time

One of the important things to get through your workday as smooth as possible is to take enough breaks. Whenever you feel like your productivity is decreasing and your concentration is getting lower, feel free to take a minute and unwind. For instance, you can get a snack such as a protein bar that will boost your mood and productivity. You can also walk to the break room coffee machines and get yourself a much-needed cup of coffee. Snacks and coffee are great for providing you with the energy necessary for the rest of the day.

You can also spend a few minutes chatting with your colleagues. They are going through the same thing you are and you can always talk about that. If your job gets too exhausting, having someone to comment on that can be very helpful. You have someone who’ll always understand how you feel and you can get through any difficult day together. If you spend the break chatting about something else rather than just work, the experience will be even better.

Only do tasks you want to do

Your tasks may sometimes pile up and you may feel like they’re making you go crazy. If you don’t have a deadline you have to meet, consider postponing such tasks. You can put off all the work you don’t have to do immediately. You shouldn’t do that all the time, but in some cases, it’s justified. Instead, focus on the tasks you actually like doing. Doing the thing you like may be very beneficial and it could motivate you for other accomplishments.

Not feeling like doing something is okay. You’ll sometimes even benefit more from postponing it. You can do such things some other time. What’s important is that you feel satisfied and happy at your workplace. If you do feel like this, the work you do will be a higher quality one. When you do the tasks you like, you feel less obliged to for it and your approach to them is very different. That is why doing this helps you continue and motivates you.

Work on what you’ve been putting off

You can’t put off tasks forever. Sometimes, knowing that there is something that you have to do makes you feel uneasy and nervous. You get unable to enjoy anything else and the seconds seem to last like years. In cases like this, all you have to do is get that annoying task over with. If there are some emails you haven’t responded to for days, do it immediately. If there is a project you’ve started some time ago and then just stopped paying attention to it, do it now.

You should address any task you’ve been procrastinating to do. Once it’s completed, you’ll feel incomparably better. Your mind will be at ease and you’ll be able to relax. Even though it may require some hard work and a lot of patience, completing such tasks is important if you want your days at work to pass by faster. Another benefit of such actions is that you will be the one to show initiative if everyone has been neglecting their obligations for too long.

Work with people you like

Positive surroundings are more than important. They are important not only for your productive work, but they are also very important for your health. If your co-workers are kind, positive, and friendly, the chances of your positive work experience are increased. If the people you’re surrounded with at work are fun and you have fun with them, you won’t even notice when the workday ends.

With the right people, each day at work will fly by. You can start making friends with your colleagues during the breaks. If you think you have nothing to talk to them about, ask them something about popular culture. Even after a brief conversation, you may start to bond and develop friendly feelings for each other. If your employer likes organizing team building activities, you won’t have trouble when it comes to finding friends in the workplace.

Play some music

Your brain can get overheated if you work for too long. One of the ways to take a mental break is to play some music. You can take your earphones out and play yourself some music. For start, play something slower and enjoy the moment. Playing your favourite song will definitely keep your eyes away from the clock. You won’t just think of getting out of there and you’ll be able to get through the day.

As the day goes on, you can change the type of music you’re listening to. For instance, you can listen to some livelier music once you get through half of your working hours. This kind of music is great for pumping you up and motivating you to continue working. This is a simple trick but it does work wonders. You’ll be amazed at how beneficial music is if you’re not already.

Walk for a while

If your job includes a lot of sitting, you may notice how easily you get tired and start lacking energy. Sedentary jobs tend to make you feel like the work never ends. To break this circle, you can take walks from time to time. For instance, you can walk during lunch or you can take smaller breaks and use them for walking.

Walking is especially important if your job can get stressful. It’s also better for your health and your posture. If you can get out on fresh air, do it as often as possible. Walking outside will help you clear your mind and concentrate later when you get back to work. You can use your walk as an award for completing some demanding tasks. It doesn’t matter what your motivation for the walk is. What’s important is that you’re walking. You’ll see how refreshed and ready for all the remaining hours you are once you start regularly taking the walks.


No matter how boring your workday gets, you can always make it bearable. With these simple steps, you can make any day at work fly by. Make sure to try them out and find the ones that work best for you.

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